Otostick is a simple solution to protruding ears. Its instantly visible effect can immediately boost your confidence..


Immediate effect

In just a few minutes and with little effort, there is an instantcosmetic effect with Otostick.



Discretion is a key benefit of Otostick. Nobody will know you are using them.



Otostick is water-resistant. To achieve the best results, follow the steps on how to prepare the skin and apply Otostick carefully. You should wait 4 hours after applying Otostick before getting it wet.

otostick- Adaptabilidad


Otostick can be worn for any type of physical activity you do. Its flexibility enables it to adapt to all your movements, staying in place even when you are sweating.



Otostick gives you the freedom to decide what hairstyle you want and when. You will be in focus, not your ears.

How long should Otostick last

On average, Otostick lasts from 3 to 7 days, depending on the characteristics of your skin type.

In some cases Otostick may require a short adaptation period. This may be for two different reasons:

The characteristics of the cartilage, in particular its firmness, may require a short period to adapt to a new position.

For new users, it can take a little time to find the best position to apply Otostick.

With Otostick Baby, there are certain periods when babies present with alterations to the natural state of their skin (e.g. in the pH or lowered defences arising from temporary situations) which may temporarily reduce the time the corrector stays attached to the skin.

Carefully read the instructions on how to attach the corrector or watch the video that you can find  here.

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